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What is the difference between an initial order and an FOC order?
An initial order is an order that is placed with all products offered in that month by a specific deadline. For example, 0123 coded items are items being offered in January of 2023 for release generally in March of 2023. All items are noted with their scheduled date of release. This is known as the in-store date. All of those items are orderable as an initial order where the deadline is 01/26/2023. By placing an initial order, this allows the account to place one monthly order. If an account chooses not to adjust those orders each week at FOC, those orders will fill in the weeks that the items release. FOC means Final Order Cutoff and the deadline for these orders is the last opportunity to adjust the quantities on order for your account. Once the FOC deadline has passed, the publishers determine their print runs and orders are no longer adjustable. An FOC order is one that can be placed each week and is generally 3-4 weeks before the scheduled release of the titles. FOC orders can be placed on the New Order page by filtering on the FOC filter date box, uploading a CSV or delimited file. Adjustments to previous orders are made within the FOC edit tab in your account.
How do I open an account?
Go to Click on register for an account Create a username and password Provide First name and Last Name for the main account contact Company Name Email address -- Please note, the main account email address will receive all FOC/Product updates and newsletters and any general Lunar correspondence. The store email address, which can be the same or different, will be receiving all communication regarding ordering confirmations, shipment tracking, and invoice notifications. If your state does not have a sales tax, or you are outside the US, please check the box “not subject to sales tax”. If your state has a sales tax, we require a resale certificate. If you do not provide one at the time of account opening, we will connect you with our representative from Sales Tax and More to complete that process. In most cases, a sales tax permit or license is not a resale certificate. While you may submit that, we will still require a resale certificate to be on file. Hit Complete Registration Once that’s completed, you’ll be sent an email from to verify your email address. Once the email is verified, you can log into your account. You will then need to create a “store” under the main account. If you have multiple stores, you’ll need to create an account for each store that you want to receive books. If you want all your books sent to one location, I would just create one “store” account. You can always add more stores later. Once this is completed, you may place orders. Please note: Nothing will be shipped until your resale certificate is verified.
How do I order?
To place an order please go to the New Order Tab You have several views to search and place orders for products. Detail View is a broad overview of all products with images for most product Order Entry 1. Product List Entry where there are 4 filter boxes. Box #1 is Order Due Filter. This will give you the upcoming FOC date as well as the next Initial order date. Box #2 contains the FOC date filter. Box #3 contains the In-Store filter and is currently where you will also find already released items. Box #4 contains the Code/Title filter 2. CSV Upload is where you can upload a CSV file of your orders and you can also download many different forms of CSV files for the product solicitations. 3. Delimited Text, which can be used if you are copy and pasting a group of codes and quantities from a spreadsheet. Then, click the “Continue to Review” All orders placed on the Lunar site by any of these methods will ADD to any previously existing order quantity. Make sure that you don't potentially double up on orders. With all 3 options, you will click the “Continue to Review” button and then confirm the order. You will receive an email with an order confirmation. If you do not receive this email, your order has not been placed. Once an order is confirmed, it is not adjustable, unless the item has not passed FOC. Please refer to the FOC edit FAQ for more information.
How do I reorder product once the FOC has passed?
As long as quantities are available and the items have released, items ordered after the FOC date will be sent in the next scheduled shipment. If you place an order for items before the FOC date, and then another quantity after, then the first quantity will be sent in the release week and the second may be sent in the following week’s shipment. This depends on the amount of time between the FOC deadline and the amount of orders received. If the system notes the orders after the FOC deadline as backordered, the items may not all fill in the release week.
How can I place a reorder for already released items?
Click the New Order link and use the Product List Entry and click the In-Store Date and scroll to the past dates. If you want to see everything that has released, click all the past date. The system is set up to add any reorders placed up until Wednesday midnight to the following weeks shipment. In the coming month, we will be receiving the top collected editions and will make those available for order as soon as they are received and uploaded into the system.
What are my shipping costs?
We have negotiated very competitive rates with FedEx and UPS and all shipments are sent by the least expensive option. The normal transit times for these carriers range from 1-7 Days. We strive to get product out as quickly as possible to you, but there may be delays due to the shipper. Rates usually start at $7.25. If you prefer to ship by a specific carrier, please email us, and we will be happy to note your account. Shipments to Canada are sent by the least expensive option, as well, and generally are delivered in 2-5 days. Shipments weighing more than 250 pounds, will be sent by FedEx freight and may require a liftgate for delivery. Liftgates are an additional cost to the retailer.
How are my orders packaged?
All items are packaged carefully to prevent receiving items with damaged corners. We have 8 different sizes of boxes and our packing processes have specific requirements for the most secure packing and least amount of excess weight possible. All outer and inner boxes are double walled. Shipments with 5 or less single-issue books, will be packaged in a book fold with an overhang to prevent corner damage. Shipments with 6 – (approximately) 50 books will be packaged in a single Double-walled box. Shipments containing more than 50 books will be stacked side by side in a single walled box(es) and then placed inside a double walled box with bubble wrap around the inner box(es). Shipments over 250 pounds may be too large to send by normal ground shipping and may be packaged for shipment through a freight company.
When do I know what is arriving in my next shipment?
Each week, we create shipments (generally) on Thursday to prep the processing of the weekend and following week. You will be able to view that shipment at that time. The invoice will be sent at a later date once the shipment has been sent out. You can view this on your Shipment page. Once the shipping label is created, you can see the books included, as well as the shipping costs.
When should I expect my shipments?
Shipments are processed each week for receipt of items by the following Monday at the latest. You may receive the books earlier. We try to get the product out as quickly as possible and can't control when the new product will be delivered. This gives accounts an opportunity to receive and process those items for the Tuesday on sale dates. Please note, all items received before the on-sale date, must be held until the on-sale date. Reorders placed and requested to be sent outside the normal weekly shipment, will ship out of our warehouse within 1-2 business days and will arrive in 1-4 days from the shipment date, depending on your transit time from our warehouse. If your shipment does not arrive within the expected time, per your tracking, please email Lunar immediately . If your shipment is not delivered by the On Sale Date, an OSD report must be made in the Lunar system in order to start the process of replacing the items and/or locating the shipment. Failure to report missing shipments by the On Sale Date will prevent Lunar from providing replacements or filing a claim with the shipper. The retailer is responsible for all invoices related to shipments.
There are only a few books in my shipment but I meant for them to go with my 7/6 shipment. What do I do?
Any in stock items that have been ordered by an account between the distributor change announcement and 6/15 FOC are being held for the first full week of shipments that are scheduled to be delivered on 7/6. If you want to have the in stock items sent out earlier, please email us, and we will be happy to get those sent out.
How do I contact Lunar?
The best way to reach us is by Email is generally answered in the order it is received. All shipment issues must be reported through the Shortage, Damage and Overage Reports portal.
Do I have an assigned rep and direct email to them?
We currently have a team of customer service representatives that answer all emails within 1 business day. Emails are answered Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM EST.
How do I report issues with my shipment?
All damages, shortages, and overages are to be reported through the portal within 24 hours of receipt of shipment. Receipt of shipment is the day that the package is delivered to the address provided in the Lunar account. Please keep in mind, that Near Mint condition cannot be guaranteed. We weed out all outwardly damaged titles. When all copies are received from the printer with slight defects, we fill those copies as only copies available. All shipment issues must be reported through the Shortage, Damage and Overage Reports portal. Lunar may request photos of the damaged product and may also require the return of product reported damaged. Freight shipments that are damaged must be marked on the BOL and photographs must be taken in order for a claim to be made against the shipper. If a shipment has not been delivered, the account must report this within 3 business days of the On Sale Date. If an issue is not reported within the required time period, Lunar may not be able to replace or file a claim for an undelivered shipment.
How do I pay for my orders?
Each week when shipments are sent, an invoice will be generated for all items included and the shipping cost for that shipment. An email will be sent to the address on file with the invoice summary. You can also find this information on the Shipments page before the invoice is created. If your payment terms are credit card or PayPal, you may pay that directly in your account through the invoice link. If your terms are to pay by check, ACH, or wire transfer payment instructions will be available on the invoice section of your account.
Can you ship my orders bi-weekly or monthly?
We currently only ship weekly. In the future, we will be able to offer other options for customers outside the US. Accounts in the US will only have the option to be shipped weekly.
Which publishers do you currently offer?
We currently offer many publishers and are adding new publishers each month. To see the current list of publishers we currently offer, login to your account and select the profile page.